5th Edition

December 10, 2020

The largest Italian conference about the world of data and innovation. DDI is the annual event where data scientists and experts tell about how the culture of data is changing our society and our economy. Data Driven Innovation 2020 will take place on the Maker Faire Rome digital platform. An online event during which we will talk about Biomedicine, Marketing; Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Government, Mobility, Tourism, Industrial Processes, Digital Services, Act Big Data analytics and many other topics.

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Contribute to the design and implementation of the Data Driven Innovation Open Summit 2020: The Research Project of National Interest "GOVERNANCE OF / THROUGH BIG DATA: CHALLENGES FOR EUROPEAN LAW"; The "Call for ideas" project of the Roma Tre University "Roma Tre 4.0: Big data and artificial intelligence for the University of the future"

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What is it

Data Driven Innovation is a disruptive conference on the world of Data Science, it is a full immersion on the innovative role of data in all sectors of society and economy. In an increasingly digital society, in which we are all data producers and consumers (even unaware), we can no longer separate theory from practice, academic discipline from physical applications.

To whom it is addressed

To everyone: scholars, researchers, companies, students, citizens. That’s why It is difficult to think of an area of human life that is not touched by the need to collect, process and use large amounts of data. Data Driven Innovation is the place where specialists meet with one another to take stock of the situation and explain their work to the rest of society. Because the data should not scare but rather constitute a great opportunity for everyone.

Data Driven Innovation 2020 is a digital event hosted by "Maker Faire Rome",
the biggest European event on innovation